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Fathered By The Best

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FATHERED BY THE BEST is a body of work comprising 11 songs all describing the love and consistency of God our Father - his love that supersedes what any earthly father can give - dedicated to the believer in Christ - the ones who have been bestowed with the highest of honors, made a part of God’s family by faith in Christ - loved eternally and preserved by the firmest of hands.
You are Fathered by one who is better than ten thousands of men - you are fathered by the best.


1. Father - this song talks about how good God as our father is - how incomparable he is with other fathers - our God is better than ten thousands of men put together. Consistently mindful of us, never tired of our consistent calls and prayers. We have a good father!!! It is inspired by the love of the father.

2. Na your hand - think of a firm hand holding you, never letting go, never losing grip. That’s the hand of our father. Able to keep you from falling, solid as a rock. We will never fall because the hand holding us is strong.

3. Kelerem chimo - it is a song in Igbo language in Nigeria and simply means “praise my God”. Our God goes what is good, shows us mercy, everybody come let us praise my God who has done me well.

4. Obaruba - it is a song done in Igbo language, Nigeria. Obaruba means abundant - sufficient. It talks about the grace of God been sufficient in our lives, his love overwhelming and inexhaustible. Where would we go and not find God? Where would we hide that he won’t come for us? His love is sufficient.

5. Bless the Lord - All through scriptures we find the psalmist and apostle Paul asking us to bless God. He loads us with benefits, he gives us victory, and he has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. These and much more has our father done and our Saul will bless him. He is good and his mercies endure forever - Bless the lord oh my soul!

6. What do I have - this song is inspired by 1 Corinthians 4: 7
For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not?
Everything we have received comes from God - even salvation. We dare not boast as though it was our works. Our God is truly good and has given us every good and perfect gift.

7. Onye Nwere Jesus - This song is about the immeasurable riches we have in Christ. He who has Jesus has everything- salvation, joy and peace, the hope of eternal life, and everything good and perfect. It is done in a Nigerian language, Igbo.

8. With me

This song is about the assurance that our God never leaves. He said he will never leave or forsake us and we are assured that our God is with us. God is with me!!!

9. Never seen - this is a fast tempo song talking about Gods faithfulness. I have never seen him fail or disappoint. I have seen him fulfil every promise. Never has it been seen that the righteous is forsaken!

10. By yourself - This song is about ascribing all worth, praise and credit to God who has done all that was done on Calvary for us by himself. Who dares take credit for what our father has done? Surely nobody, he has done it by himself.

11. Ijuru Eligwe j’uwa - this is an old song from my childhood that has stuck in my memory. It translates… Search the heavens and the earth.. is there anyone like my Father? No, not one. It is done in Igbo language.

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